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MPOD050 // PFM

To celebrate reaching our 50th MPOD we are proud to introduce the man, the legend PFM. He takes us on a trip over 2 hours spanning the last 25 years in the scene. 2015 saw Mike Bolton (PFM) turn 50 himself this podcast is a reflection of tunes that really mean something to him. Get ready for raw bass, rugged beats and some exclusive VIP action. This is the last MPOD for a while, so way to go out with a bang ..... Many thanks to the one and only PFM.

1. Espionage - ???
2. Jim Polo and Neil Vass - Rolling Energy
3. The Charm - De-men-tation
4. The Invisible Man - The End (drug induced psychosis mix )
5. Foul Play - Dubbing You
6. Tic Tac Toe - Epheremol
7. Higher Sense - Cold Fresh Air
8. On 1 Crew - Bad Dreams
9. Wise Ones - Feelings
10. Skanna - This Way
11. DJ Crystl - Meditation
12. Orca - Intalect vip
13. Lemon D - Going Gets Tough
14. Futurebound - Oshima (unreleased)
15. DJ Trace - By Any Means Necessary
16. PFM - In Love (unreleased version)
17. PFM - Broken Tears (unreleased)
18. PFM vs Bon Iver remix WIP - Wolves act 1 and 2
19. PFM - The Western VIP (Mikes promised land mix)


MPOD 049, this chapter is presented by the producer Books. He delves into some deep beats and turns the page on some fresh information.

ENA – 5th Divivded (Samurai)
Metro – Nimbus (Omni Music)
Theme – Scene 4 (Samurai)
Hidden Turn – Something (31Recordings)
Mako – Let The Truth Be heard (Samurai)
Ghost Warrior – Tunnel (31Recordings)
Semiotix – Pariah (NBAudio)
Books – Jagganath (Unreleased)
Ruffhouse – 13 (Cylon)
Pessimist – Minus (Free)
Squarepusher – 4001 (Abstract Elements Remix) (Free)
Joe Seven – Untitled Monotron (Exit)
Fortune – Coercion (Unreleased)
DAAT – Elevator (Jalex Remix) (DTND)
Books – Ensō (Unreleased)
Mikarma – Initiator (CNVX)
Metro – Fugue State (Omni Music)
Ilk – Future Shapes (ilkbeats.bandcamp)
Books – Daemon (Unreleased)
Books – ....


The man Roll E was always a bit of a local legend round our way during the heady days of rave. He had the tunes and was renowned for his mixing abilities. Fast forward to 2015 and it's just like the 'Summer of love' all over again, as Roll E jumps behind the decks once more and evokes days gone by with a summer Balaeric mix up........


Chelmsford's favourite son, DJ and digger Matt Love, presents sounds that will smooth the transition between spring and summer with a fine palate of records for those hot days ahead.


Metro collates recent projects, recent promos and favourites and combines them into an electronic event

Callnowzodiac - Paranoid One
True Flower - Tom McConnell
Undecided Shifter - Betamax Heard
Vier - Metro
Awake and Transcend - Rawtrachs
Lineage Fragments - Momentum
Aerosolid (Medika Remix) - Mauoq
Lose Control - Asc
Meat Grinder (Justice & Metro Re-Grind) - Daat
Element 3 - Dyl
Just Freaks - Justice & Metro
Algorithm - Fushara ft. Justice & Metro


MPOD 045 is served up by full time record enthusiast and DJ, Matt Caulder.
This Jacksonville resident is the brains behind Handsome Zack's Records, which is an online emporium of the finest records around. Matt delivers his usual eclectic blend, but with a definite drum and bass slant. Check......

"Birth" by Roly Porter on Subtext.
"Untitled (A-side)" by DB1 on Nautil
"Aut0mated L0ve" by Heart Drive on Pleasure District
"Syrup" by G.H.O.S.T. on Goldman Records
"Sunday Morning (Silent Dust remix)" by Nuage on Translation
"Bad Rep" by Ricky Force on Criterion Records
"Foundation Days" by Eveson on Ingredients Records
"Red Skies" by Synth Sense on Veil
"Oracle" by Nether on Space Cadets
"These Days" by Marcus Intalex on 31 Recordings
"Untitled (A-side)" by SKV18 on Nautil
"I Wanna Be Adored" by The Stone Roses on Silvertone
"Condition" by Indigo on Samurai Red Seal
"Connected" by Seba on Looking Good Records
"The Serpent + the Rainbow" by ETCH on Soundman Chronicles
"One Nation" by Photek on Prototype Recordings



Long time Mjazz supporter, blogger and Podcaster, Rustee, has been spreading the word to the Russian crew for many years through his Special Request podcast. So MPOD 044 finds our man delivering deep beats from the Urals.

Khords + R381 - Blue Landscape (Reza Remix)
Metro - Space Sound Everywhere
Daat - 5D
RQ - Gossamer (Hedens True Blue Edit)
Kiyoko - Something To Think About
Indigo - Symbol 7.1
Justice & Metro - Touch Feel (Subminimal Remix)
Justice - Aquisse (Muted Remix)
DYL - Phoenix
Consequence feat. dBridge - Life Is Timing
DJG - Hydrate
DB1 - Vanguard
DiamonD EyE - Location
Paranoid Society & Metro - Marimba
Flame & Dephecta - Living the Life Again
Subminimal - Knock
Sam KDC - Incarcerate
Justice & Metro - Human Thinking (Dominic Ridgway Remix)
Chris Inperspective - Love Lost
Justice & Metro - Touch Feel (PFM Remix)
Blocks - Patriarch
Cuelock - Invalid Code
Khords - Pris
ASC - Los Angeles 2019
Justice & Metro - Sounds Like Something


The first MPOD of the year is arranged and compiled by blogger, radio DJ and Greek drum and bass supremo Godisnolongeradj. He has enlisted his radio cohort DJ Sin to deliver the mix and kicked things off in fine style.

Voyager - Big Picture - Tempo Records
Blocks - SÈance - Narratives Music
Furi Anga - Poisonflowers - Silk Recordings
Oscillist - What We Left Behind - Offworld Recordings
Eschaton - Aphelian - Subtle Audio
Bop feat. Synkro - Blurred Memories - Med School
Black Rain - Another Silent World - Scale Records
June Miller - Isis - Eternia Music
Ulrich Schnauss & ASC - 77 - Auxiliary Music
Dominic Ridgway & Displaced Paranormals - City Of Gods - Absys Records
The Parameters - Satellite Respond - MJAZZ
Nuage & Gerwin - Lifestyle - Translation Recordings
Kimyan Law - Vita - Blu Mar Ten Music
Broken Promise - Unknowns - CX digital
Future Engineers - Exhale - Transference Recordings
Om Unit - The Crossing - Metalheadz

Arranged and compiled by Godisnolongeradj
Mixed by DJ Sin


To coincide with the release on MUJ of the MUJ Beat tape Co-Op, contributor and hip hop fanatic Milk Crate Kid comes right and exact to bring you hip hop, interludes and tape related beats.

Oxygen Intro
The Good People – Tayped Up Classics (Remix)
Big Daddy Kane – It’s A Big Daddy Thing (Prince Paul’s Demo Mix)
Oxygen (Hype Sound Productions) – Masterminds In Effect
Phill Most Chill – Get Into It
Mikey D – Listen To the Bass Line.
DJ Joc Max - Emcee Part 2 Instrumental
Prince Paul – Live @ 5
DJ One 2wo –Beat for MCK
DJ Format – Mister Jason Has a Posse remix instrumental
HBSMA Interlude
Yesh – On2DBeat
Audessey & A Cat called Fritz – The Hop
Fabreeze Brothers – Neva Stop Diggin’
QNC intro
Danny Spice & QNC – Do It For The DJ’s

Go here for MUJ Co-Op Beat Tape


MPOD 41 comes from beat digger and producer Irn Bru Beats. When asked to do a Pod for us he said he wanted to do something different. All the music is taken from or featured on computer games... Enter the Videodrome.......

Main Theme - Max Payne
Afro Fight Groove - Afro Samurai
Metal Gear Soild 3 - Snake Eater Intro
Opening Theme - The Secret of Monkey Island
Main Theme - Silent Hill 1
Afro Fight Groove 1 - Afro Samurai
Addua - Tenchu
Main Theme- L.A Noire
Joyride - Da Shootaz (GTA1)
Funky Alien - Toejam and Earl Panic On Funkotron
The Main Monkey - Donkey Kong Country 2
Cross the checkpoint - Tenchu
Opening - Actraiser
Guile's Theme - Super Street Fighter
Companeros - Grim Fandango
Swanky Maximino - Grim Fandango
47 Makes a Decision - Hitman 2
Main Theme - Metal Gear Solid
Jolly Roger Bay - Super Mario 64
Main Theme - Shenmue
North Wall - Actraiser
Aquatic Ambiance - Donkey Kong Country
Chicago Stealth - Perfect Dark


No Football today, England are out of the world cup (no surprise). So to lift your spirits Justice digs through his finest Brazilian inspired cuts… Lindo maravilhoso!

St Johns Guaguanco/Mambito/Baby Boogaloo - Vladimir
Se Voca Pensa - Som Tres
Espaco de Brasil - Tall Black Guy
Futebol de bar - Cesar Mariano
Chop 4 Mr Thing - Eric Lau
Brasil by Music - Cruziero
Ain’t no sunshine - Sivuca
Assim Colega Longo - Tall Black Guy
O Sonho (moon dreams) - Airto
Say a little prayer - Cal Tjader
17.1 - Eddie Palmieri
A grande cacada - Eumir Deodato
Boys with Toys - Gap Mangione
Samba Nova - Gene Shaw
Veracruz - Jayme Marques


Summer is finally here? England are going to win the world cup? well maybe... anyway Metro digs out some Jazz, Funk, Soul, Disco with a bit of Brit Funk, Movie Theme and Versions thrown in for good measure... get your groove on baby!!

Whispers - Headlights
Roy Ayers - Moving Grooving
Brass Construction - Sambo
Atmosfear - Motivation
Light of the World - Swingin
Roy Ayers - One Sweet Love to Remember
The Crusaders - Stomp and Buck Dance
Roberta Flack - Compared to What
Geoff Love and His Orchestra - Three Days of the Condor
Pleasure - Joyous
Van McCoy and The Soul City Symphony - Pick up the Pieces
Curtis Mayfield - Get Down
Osibisa - Survival
Kleeer - Tonights the Night
Hi-Tension - British Hustle
The Crusaders - Sweet 'n' Sour


The man Justice steps up for the latest MJAZZ MPOD. No.38 is on fire coming at ya with a killa eclectic mix of beats, breaks and rhymes from the past, present and way into future... Watch out!!!!

All of them - DAAT (Dtnd)
Excerpt from Late Night Beat Tape - Nappa (MUJ)
VPB8 - Vanilla Pluto (Beat Tape)
Dawn Chorus - Betamax Heard (from Light of day FuturePast Zine Project)
Just freaks - Justice and Metro (Dub)
EP9 - UA (Universal Appearance)
Follow Me - Life Mc/Deejay Lok (Sounds of the Underground LP)
Illusions - Krytikal (from light of day FuturePast Zine Project)
Excerpt from Brazil By Music LP
Chop for Mr Thing - Eric Lau (First Word)
Stealin James - Dj Format (Tished)
In a moment - Takemura (Child’s view LP)
Time - Con Funk Shun (Pickwick)
Angel love - Kokomo (CBS)
She’s in the flowers - Eska (Earthling Recs EP)
Death rattle - Betamax Heard (Dub)
Numbers - Kraftwerk (7 inch)
This is Ska - Longsy D (Big one)
Path to survival - Outlaw Posse (Gee St.)
You are the sunshine of my life - Cold Blooded (Globe)


MPOD 037 is presented by hip hop legend Nappa. Big in the UK game for 15 plus years, he rose to fame with Phi-Life Cypher, his productions with Cappo and his ongoing work with Life MC. Strap yourself in for a journey through beats, rhymes and life.

Joyous - Pleasure
Dance With Me - Port Authority
Catch a Groove - Juice
Funky Women - Maceo and all the Kings Men
Reggins - The Blackbyrds
Space - Galt Macdermot
Getting Nasty - Ike Turner
Watermelon Man - Johnnie Taylor
Bad Tune - Earth Wind and Fire
Cymbaline - Hubert Laws
If There's a Will There's a Way - Don Covay
Mr Man - Air
Holy War - Divine Force
Ego Trippin - Ultramagnetic Mc's
Mystery - Lazy Laz
Get in to it - Big Daddy Kane
Kick the Ball - Krown Rulers
Rhymes from a Swift Mind - Supreme DJ Nyborn
Fry You Like Fish - Caveman
Bizzie Rhymin - Mc Mello
Milky Way - John Scott
Fade Away - Junior Byles
None Shall Escape the Judgment - Johnny Clarke
Armagideon Time - Willie Williams
Dust a Soundbwoy - Super Beagle
Ring the Alarm - Tennorsaw
Chase the Devil - Max Romeo
Old Marcus Garvey - Burning Spear


Jacksonville, Record collector, vinyl enthusiast, DJ, Floridian and MJAZZ supporter Matthew Caulder delves in his vaults to compile an eclectic selection for the first MPOD of 2014.

Willie Hutch - Brothers Gonna Work It Out
COD - The Bottle
The Temptations - Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Jazzy Jeff Remix)
Marcellus Pitman - Night of the Sagitarius
Peech Boys - Don't Make Me Wait"
Rhythm Is Rhythm - Ka-otic Harmony
Sugarhill Gang - Apache (Coldcut Remix)
Beneath Autumn Sky - Lumen
4 Hero - Planeteria, A Theme From A Dream
Alice Coltrane - A Love Supreme
They Live - Don't Know What to Say
Gil Scott Heron - H20 Gate Blues
Pharaoh Sanders - The Creator Has A Master Plan


Putting the jazz back into MJAZZ and then some, Metro presents a seasonal blend of spiritual and deep jazz, some classics and a few personal favourites. Throw another log on the fire and relax. Have yourself a deep and jazzy Christmas.

Pharoah Sanders - Greetings to Saud
Chico Hamilton - Nomad
Santana - El Nicoya
Birds of Town & Country (Dawn Chorus)
Dizzy Gillespie - In The Land of The Living Dead
Kool and The Gang - Wild and Peaceful
Earth Wind and Fire - Africano (Intro)
The Crusaders - A Ballad For Joe (Louis)
Roy Ayers - The Black Five
Marvin Gaye - T Stands For Trouble
Miles Davis - Sanctuary


Justice & Metro play a random selection of their favourite 45's and vintage album tracks recorded live from Justice's lodge with some dodgy mic action to boot....


MPOD 033 finds Brighton based beat digger and drum and bass enthusiast, Critical Resistance, rifling through his crates to conjure up an ecletic mix. His pod also coincides nicely with the upcoming release of the latest Modernists 4 LP, on which his track The Shakedown features. His MPOD is a blend of jazz, library, d and b and much more besides and represents the variety on the Modernists 4 LP


Have Spacesuit Will Travel (part 2) - The Greg Foat Group
Mouseville Theme - Cirez D/The Age Of Love - Jam and Spoon 'watch out for stella' Remix
The Man With A Red Face - Laurent Garnier
Ghosts - Japan
Snow Creatures - Quincy Jones
Infinity - Shelly Manne
Stephano's Dance - Joe Harriott/Amancio D'Silva Quartet
Ancient World - Nat Birchall
Interlude 4 - Fat Thumbs Ronnie
Gemini - Jimmy Heath
Today - Herbie Mann
The Bird - Jimmy McGriff
Song For My Father - The Horace Silver Quartet
Shaft In Africa - Johnny Pate
Bear Witness - Dr Octagon featuring QBert
They Trying To Get Me - Funk Inc
Deep Everytime - Calibre
Mistical Dub - Mist:i:cal
Catcha Groove - Nuclear Fusion
Slow Down - Q Project


MPOD 032 Takes a look at some of the influences that went into the LP Oxymoron. It covers a multitude of tunes ranging from electronic pop to hip hop, acid, rave, breaks and proto d n b, which inspired Justice & Metro.


Whats That - Radical Rhythms
Slam - Phuture Pfantasy Club
Clear - Cybotron
Bango - Todd Terry Project
106 - Pacific State
Specific Hate - A Guy Called Gerald
Vol 2 - A Guy Called Gerald
Sunday Afternoon - The Witchdoctor
Kaleidoscope - Rotor
Don't Scandalize Mine - Sugar Bear
Once In A Life Time - Talking Heads
Ghosts - Japan
Chris "The Glove" Taylor - Itchiban Scratch
Tour De France - Kraftwerk
Orange Lemon - Dream Of Santa Anna
Eric B & Rakim - Just A Beat
Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock - Creativity
The Break Boys - My House Is Your House
Pink Noise - Gimme Some More (Energy)
Shut Up And Dance - A Change Soon Come
Mantronix - Bassline
Newcleus - Jam On It
Nightmares On Wax - Im For Real
The Brothers Grimm - Déjà Vu
Tek 9 - Space 91
4 Hero - The Scorcher
Satin Storm - Satin Storm
Hybrid - Twisted Tambourine
The Family Foundation - Express Yourself
Maze - Twilight


MPOD 031 offers a glimpse into the future with tracks from the forthcoming Justice/Metro Oxymoron LP, a Justice soundscape refix of Dubmonger, as well as limited 10 inch business from Felix K on Blueberry, new beats from Muted, fresh promos and some Nostalgic Futurisms.


2056 - Justice/Metro - MJAZZ LP
Rokit9 - Justice/Metro - MJAZZ 10"
Last chance before - Justice/Metro - MJAZZ LP
Defrag (839 edit) - Justice/ Momentum - MJAZZ
Saturn - Muted - Promo
Three - Power Of Three - MJAZZ free D/L
One - Power Of Three - MJAZZ free D/L
Satellite Respond - The Parameters - MJAZZ
Trip girl - Justice/Metro - MJAZZ LP
Ghosts - The Monotypes - Promo
Ugners - Felix K - Blueberry Musik 10"
Reklas - Felix K - MJAZZ
9000 Year LeasE (Justice Re-scape) - Dubmonger - Dub
POD - Justice/ Metro - MJAZZ LP
Flatline - Jason oS - MJAZZ
1999 - Daat - Promo


With the festive season nearly upon us Justice delivers some chilling grooves, forays into the future and a hip hop knees up to boot, no TL just enjoy........Cracking.


In Lieu of Felix Baumgartner's supersonic free fall from the edge of space, the latest MPOD comes from the new collective Betamax Heard and is full of atmospheric intergalactic planetary explorations, unidentified flying objects and space junk....


Grab a deck chair and have yourself a 99....... Justice and metro bring a summer soundclash loosely based around alternative d and b, jazzy sounds, excursions, sun cream, knotted hankies, parasols and beach volleyball....... Soak it up........


To Forgive But Not Forget - Outside - Dorado
Cosmic Interlude - LTJ Bukem - Good Looking
Watching Windows - Roni Size Meets Nu Yorican Soul - Talkin Loud
Manapiare - Raiden - Voodoo 
Silver Dawn - Artemis - Good Looking 
Peverted Undertone - Prefuse 73 - Warp
Do What You Gotta Do - Pablo - Good Looking
Blowfish - Machine - Creative Wax
Brazilika - Dj Venon - Talkin Loud
Jazzy Fluids - Drexciya - Tresor 
California Soul - Som Tres - Odeon Fonografica
Feverish - Justice - Basement 
Re-Arrange (The Cinematic Orchestra Remix) - Krust - Talkin Loud


The Dubmonger and MJAZZ label boss Justice have had a dub special planned for some time, and with the imminent release of the Dubmonger / LXC dub 7" of Diamond Eye remixes we reckoned the climate was just right for some dub-drenched goodness in the form of a special soundclash Dub Pod!


Pole - Modul (Matador)
YMO - Tong Poo (Orb Remix) (Internal)
Up, Bustle & Out - Tabla Talkin' Dub (Indian Electronica)
Rhythm and Sound - Mango drive - (Rhythm and Sound)
Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX - Home - (XL Records)
Pittsburgh Track Authority - Bloodlands - (Azuri Records)
King FiFi - The Riddim (dub)
Flatliners & Dubmonger - Abi Dub (Translation Dub)
The Untouchables - Herbsman Dub (Translation Dub)
Diamond Eye - The Approach(LXC Ziontific Refix) - (MJAZZ)
Diamond Eye - Hunter (Dubmonger's Sonar Dub Remix) - (MJAZZ)
DEB Players - Tonight - (Conqueror)
Scientist - Voodoo Curse (Greensleeves)
Dennis Bovell - Zion Dub (Pressure Sounds)
Sly & Robbie - Burial Dub (Trojan)
The Upsetters - Callying Butt (Trojan)
Aswad - Hey Jah Children (Chrysalis)
The Dubwood Allstars - Under Dubwood (Rivertones)


May's MPOD comes by way of Danny T - an old friend of Metro and a fan of Modern Urban Jazz from the off way back in ‘95. Usually just a vinyl junkie, Danny has finally embraced the digital age via Serato. His mixes are always spot on in both execution and selection and MPOD 027 is no exception, featuring some of the latest pressure from Justice & Metro and an exclusive from the Dubmonger forthcoming on MJAZZ - watch your bass bins!!


Intro... Disasterpeace - Beyond [II]
They Live - The Ridgeway [Exit]
Diamond Eye - Hunter (Dubmonger Sonar Dub mix) - [forthcoming MJAZZ]
Dubmonger - Poolbeg St. Dub []
Loxy + Resound - League of Shadows [Exit]
Kodo - Coconut Dub [Buried Audio]
Synkro - Knowledge [Apollo]
Ultracode + Furi Anga - Vertebrate of Chaos [N/A]
Data - Sentinel [Blackout]
FD - Stripped [Warm Communications]
Justice + Metro - Dope Boy [forthcoming MJAZZ]
Consequence - Soul Sees Spirit [Exit]
Beastie Respond - Be Quiet [Teal Recordings]
Justice + Metro - Izmir (2nd City Blue remix) [MJAZZ]
Data - Solitude [Blackout]
Blu Mar Ten - All Or Nothing [Furi Anga remix]
Synkro - Progression (Indigo remix) [Exit]
Blu Mar Ten - Last Life in the Universe [Medschool]
Mode - The Abyss (Sam KDC Acid Dub re-think) [The Crescent]
Justice + Metro - Mr George and The Bear [forthcoming MJAZZ]
Sunny Crimea + Physical Illusion - Fading Shadows (Stunna remix) [Respect Records]


Metro rarely does a mix, one ever couple o' years if you're lucky! but he has found his mojo again and has decided to give it a go!! MPOD 026 is full of his favourite tracks from fellow MJAZZ compatriots


Intro - Permit (District Nine)
Justice featuring Tertius - Asylum Seekers
Felix K - Titan
Muted - Mixed Signals
Fushara - Urbanation
Sinistarr - Pax Romana
Cuelock - Transient
Diamond Eye - Temple Dub
Sight Unseen - Stalkers Theme
Dominic Ridgway - Ketamine
Chris Inperspective - Heather's Hot Waffles
Metro - The Dawn
Sub - Halleluja
Subminimal - Remember
Jason oS - Bears
PFM - One and Only


Justice gives us a glimpse of the future with a spattering of forthcoming tracks and a selection of choice cuts from everything MJAZZ currently out digitally everywhere, some of which is for the first time ever. These come in the form of ICONS, The Modernists 1 and 2, Constructed Works 1 and Diamond Eye's LP Moments in Life.

The Great Big Digital Bonanza more info click here


Trip Girl - Justice/Metro
Hunter (Morphy's Bell Dub Remix) - Diamond Eye
Hunter VIP - Diamond Eye
Defragment - Justice/ Momentum
Identity Fragment - ICR
Sounds Like Something (Bay B Kane Remix) - Justice/Metro
Repro House - Icons
Asleep - Sub
Sand Delay - Justice/Metro
Unique - Justice/Invincible
My Reflection - Dominic Ridgway
Sanur (Fushura Remix) - Justice/Metro
Boxotron - Paranoid Society
Aquisse (Chris Inperspective Remix) - Justice
Zulu - Metro
Cumulus - Cuelock
Marbles - Invincible/Metro


MPOD 024, a pre-Xmas, office party warm up from Justice. Previewing forthcoming 12" of PFM/Jason Os - 839 LP remixes, Wet Static from Control Remote and a host of Amen rollers to get you in the mood for the party season. Add to this a hint of detroit techno, some Brazilian beats and an early Xmas gift from Diamond Eye.


Touch Feel (PFM Rmx) - Justice/Metro/Momentum - MJAZZ 12”
Wet Static - Control Remote - MJAZZ Dub
No Vision - Mantra - Dub
Sure Shot - Bounty Killaz - Creative Wax
Danube Rogue - PK + Foniqz - Dub
Uninspired - Diamond Eye - MJAZZ Dub
Series Pod - Drexciya - Tresor
Untitled - Pittsburgh Transit Authority - Dub
Fresh 86 - Tim Reaper - DSCi4 Dub
Some Persons Change (Sub Rmx) - Nic Tvg - PCMS
escapism Pt1 - Felix K - Drop/Alphacut
Pedra Da Gavea - Henrique Pirai - N/a
Solomon (Jason Os Rmx) - Justice/Metro - MJAZZ 12”

MPOD 023 // ZUL

MPOD 023 comes courtesy of Subvert HQ representative Zul direct from Singapore, home of the Subvert sessions podcasts. After his Knuckles remix competition submission narrowly missed out, and following some of the seamless sets he has been pushing out lately, it seemed only fitting to put him on the MPOD series too.


Muted - Kado [dub]
ASC - Reform [Autonomic]
Bulb - Still There (feat. MC Fava) [Celcius]
Puzzle and Casio - Nothing Left To Breathe In [Lifestyle]
Kasio - Flight To Cali [dub]
Furi Anga - Poisonflowers [dub]
C4 - Going All City [dub]
Muted and Glen E Ston - untitled [dub]
Suree and Elusive Elements - The Lamb and The Lion [Something Deep dub]
Nuage and Eastcolors - Life In Lie [Translation dub]
Justice and Metro - Knuckles (Zul's Version) [N/A]
Zul - Quorra [N/A]
Zul - Warfield [N/A]
Justice - Aquisse [Recordings Of Substance]
Justice and Metro featuring Momentum - Touch Feel (PFM Rmx) [MJAZZ]
Scenic and Advisory - Rising [Offworld]
Calibre - Foreign Bodies [Signature]
Edit - Sphere [Flexout Audio]
Zul - We Are Everybody [Take Off]
D*Minds - Stone River [Modulations]
DJ Clart - Rigel 6 [dub]
HijaQ - Nebula [dub]
ASC - Sunburst [N/A]
Mindmapper and Fre4knc - Milsani [dub]
Vicious Circle and Jubei - Deliberate [Modulations]
Synth Sense, Anile and Rose - Seeking You [Deep Soul Music]
Sharpenski - Ionise [Rotation Deep]
EBTG - Single (Photek Remix) [Virgin]


Datacode, he of DubKraft, Marginal and some stellar production work
of his own, presents MPOD 022. With some great productions over
the last few years he has become a staple on the MJAZZ iPod, and has
cropped up in many guises on MJAZZ releases and MPOD's alike.


Spectrasoul - I was 10 [Shogun Audio]
Dominic Ridgway - Mind Games [Dub]
Sunchase + Marginal – Claustrophile - [Dubkraft]
Diagram – Orbital Collapse [Dub]
Justice + Diamond Eye – Mode [Dub]
Marginal – Exit Here - [Dubkraft]
Instra:mental – No Future [ASC Remix]
Lynx feat. Kemo – Global Enemies [Soul:R]
Terry Artovsky – The Back of the Clock [Dubkraft]
Bop – An Open-Eyed Dream [Med School Music]
Vlad Onu – Utterly Amazing (Alien Pimp Refix) [DubKraft]
Datacode – Upstream [DubKraft]
Alien Pimp – Tormented Dub [DubKraft]
Vlad Onu – Patterns [DubKraft]
Eleven8 – Traps Are Set [Dub]
Eleven8 feat. Suree – Run [Dub]
Eleven8 – Caladium [Dub]


Hot on the heels, and packed with more fresh tracks, Justice gives
us another summer treat. More dub, abstract and rolling ambient
business. Get your swimming shorts on and jump into the deep end.


Heaven - Muted - Nu Directions
Emphasis - Diamond EyE - Dub
Hunter (Dub) - Diamond EyE - MJAZZ Dub
Dub tribute - Gappa G - Dub
Idle Hands - Velocet - Voodoo
Femme Fatale - Envya + Survied - Dub
Solomon (Jason 0s RMX) - Justice//Metro - MJAZZ Dub
Soundboy - Subminimal - Dub
Solus - Morphy - Dub
Nine Princes of Amber - Fade - Voodoo
Kingston 2081 - Sight Unseen - Dub
Sand Delay (Diamond EyE Tech mix) - Justice//Metro - MJAZZ Dub
Retrospective - Logarithmia - Dub
Night Owl - Morphy - Dub
History - Sub - Drop/Alphacut
X-Loxy + Marginal - DubKraft
Scapes 1 - Felix K - Drop/Alphacut
Pancakes for Breakfast- Marginal - DubKraft
Black Dust - Cuelock - Dub
What do you like - Jason 0s - Subtle Audio
Sounds like Something (Bay B Kane RMX) - Justice//Metro - MJAZZ Dub
Microfluidity - Subminimal


MPOD 20 - Justice - Celebrating the 20th edition of the MPOD series
and the british summertime, Justice selects past, present and some
future cuts. A dub element is weaved throughout and features
cuts from the forthcoming Diamond EyE LP, Moments in Life
available on MJAZZ 4th July, keeping it Independent.


When the World Jaded (Seba Remix) - Furi Anga - Translation
Solaris - Cuelock - Blueberry Dub
Dragonfly (Sub remix) - CJ Weaver- Pinecone Moonshine
Old Thomas Dub - Marginal + Morphy - DubKraft
Damaged Dub - Diamond EyE - MJAZZ LP
Horns of Jericho - Sub - Dub
Dusty Stylus (Fade Remix) - Morphy - Free Download
Dusty Stylus - Morphy - Alphacut Records
Suspension Dub - Morphy - Alphacut Records
Province - Diamond EyE + Spindall - Dub
Ubiquity (Bay-B-Kane Remix) - Gappa G + Lucky B - Dub
Neutrino - Fade - Dub
Warrior Charge - Aswad - Island
Curvy Figure - Diamond EyE - MJAZZ LP
Cetra - Sinistarr - Dub
Stuck in the Middle - Muted - Dub
Lite Star (Lo:Tek Refix) - Justice//Metro - MJAZZ
Touch Feel (Subminimal Remix) - Justice//Metro feat. Momentum - MJAZZ
Same Shit, Different Day - Kidkut + Vessel - Immerse
Talking Late - J.Robinson feat. Eraze - Dub

MPOD 019 // FADE

From the Ukranian capital, Kiev, relative newcomer Fade puts
together the latest in the MPOD series. He has just remixed Igloo
for the 839 remix projects and many of you will be familiar with his
Dusty Stylus re-work for Morphy. One to watch for the future............


Muted - Stratocumulus [MJAZZ Dub]
Getz + Nuage - Overcoder [Absys Dub Getz + Nuage LP]
ASC - Red Sand [Dub]
SubSid - Brocken Bones [31 recordings dub]
Reza - Rain Giver [New Moon Dub]
Es.tereo + Turrican - Winds of Detroit [Dub]
Loxy, Raiden + Khanage - In the Face Of Adversity [Cylon Dub]
Fade - Mindingt Express [Urban Poetry Dub]
ASC - Solarcoaster [Dub]
Getz - Silent Galaxy [Broken Audio dub]
CJ Weaver- Octopus [Dub]
Morphy - Black Velvet [Voodoo Dub]
Morphy - Dusty Stylus (Fade remix) [TBA]
Codex - Time [Dub]
The Untouchables - Bass Culture [Danger Chamber]
Mr Foul - Visage of War [Vampire Dub]
Morphy - Suspension Dub [Alphacut Dub]
Fade + Overlook - Catacombs [TBA]
VRH - Shamanism [Dub]
Morphy - Turn The Tablas [Cylon Dub]
Fade - Nine Princes of Amber[Dub]
War - Rafale [DSCI4 dub]
Mindmapper + Fre4knc - Milsani [Breakfast Audio Dub]
Fade - Dutty Riddim [Dub]


MPOD 018 is delivered by the man Cuelock. Viewed by many as
the next man to watch, with a feature on the latest Modernists 2,
a forthcoming 839 remix and other MJAZZ related products in
the pipeline. Add to this his own Blueberry Imprint which is
forthcoming, he is gonna be a busy man…… Keep it (Cue) locked.


Martyn - Suburbia - Apple pips
DaveHoax - Porcelain
DaveHoax - The Watcher
Dominic Ridgway - Ketamine - Silk
Justice + Metro - Sanur - Fushara Remix - MJAZZ Dub
Opaque - Horizon
201 SoundSystem - Lizard Queen
Invincible + Metro - Marbles - Touched by Records
S13 + Intakz - Malawi
Justice + Metro - Jim Cunningham - Cuelock Remix - MJAZZ
Justice + Metro - Igoo - Fade Remix - MJAZZ
Justice + Metro - Izmir - 2nd City Blue Remix - MJAZZ
Diamond Eye - Temple Dub - MJAZZ
Cuelock - Attic Spook - New World Ordio
Justice + Metro - Sounds Like Something - MJAZZ
Justice + Metro - Soloman - Jason os Remix - MJAZZ
Fluxion - Horizons - Echochord


First MPOD of 2011 falls to diamond eye who serves up some fresh
dubs and rolling beats as only he can. After a string of releases
and some killer remixes, he hits the ground running with his collab
on the Manifesto Music Modern Sounds of Urban Jazz LP and some
other exciting projects planned for this year. Eye's down..........


Sight Unseen - Stalkers Theme - Modern Urban Jazz (Modernist 2)
Justice + Invincible - The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea - MJAZZ DUB
Bal - Untitled House - Influence Records
DiamonD EyE - Omnipotent - DUB
DiamonD EyE - Philisophical Era - DUB
Justice + Metro - 839 - Modern Urban Jazz - (839 LP)
Cuelock - Cumulus Clouds - MJAZZ DUB
Justice + Invincible - Hindsight Correction - Manifesto Music
DiamonD EyE + Spindall - Hold You - DUB
Mad Rabbit - Down By The Riverside - Broken Audio DUB
Felix K - Reklas - Modern Urban Jazz - (Modernist 2)
DiamonD EyE - Can't Stand it - DUB
Genotype - Sun Time - EXIT
Flatliners - Oh Baby - CX Dub
DiamonD EyE - Chamber - DUB
Sinistarr - Dill - DUB
DiamonD EyE + Spindall - Empty House - DUB
DiamonD EyE - Cold Start - DUB


DubKraft Records head honcho Alien Pimp and Datacode join forces as
Marginal and present the latest installment in the critically acclaimed MPOD
series. After a string of glitch inspired releases they feature with The Mech
Issues on the forthcoming Modernists 2 LP on MJAZZ.


Alien Pimp:

Radicall + Ktee – Stranger From Nowhere (Absys)
Terry Artovsky – Multiple Personality Disorder (version – DubKraft dub)
Marginal – Heresy Is Progress (TBA)
Marginal – Pancakes for Breakfast (TBA)
Marginal – The Mech Issues – (MJAZZ)
Furi Anga – Solitary Infinitum (DubKraft)
Dominic Ridgway – Ketamine (Silk)
Data + Keza – Surveillance (dub)
Metro + Justice – Igloo (MJAZZ)
Edoc - Broken Love - (DubKraft)


Marginal – Hurt (dub)
Alien Pimp + Datacode – Grow jungle grow (dub)
Marginal – Style Is A Cage – (DubKraft)
Marginal – Exit here – (DubKraft)
Marginal – Syncope – (dub)
Justice + Metro – Human thinking (D.Ridgway Remix) – (MJAZZ)
Bulb + N4m3 – From the moon (DubKraft dub)
Getz – Open your heart (Absys dub)
Marginal – Infiltration (Cylon dub)
Nuage – Different places (Translation)
Alien Pimp + Datacode – Residual groove – (DubKraft)


MPOD 015 // AQUISSE remixes special

MPOD 015 is a celebratory extended birthday edition to
celebrate Aquisse's 15th birthday. So we gather together
friends, artists, collaborators and the remixes. Sinistarr
rounds off with some superb house and a tribute to Aaron Carl.


DiamonD EyE:

Justice - Aquisse (DiamonD EyE Remix) (MJAZZ)
D.EyE - Temple Dub (MJAZZ)
D.EyE - Out There Dub (Dub)
D.EyE - Noticed (Dub)
D.EyE - Sandwood (Dub)

Creep/Paranoid Society:

Justice - Aquisse ( Paranoid Society Remix)
Bop - Time and Space (Microfunk Dub)
Justice and Metro - Knuckles (MJAZZ)
Abstract Elements - Apathetic Vibe (ACR022)
Paranoid Society - Swimming in the Booze (ACR016c)
Oak - Sequence 2 (
Unknown - Waohoo


Invincible - Aura (Dub)
Justice - Aquisse (Invincible Remix) (MJAZZ)
Invincible + Metro - Marbles (Touched By Records)
Invincible + Krazy - The Awakening (Dub)

Chris Inperspective:

LIS - Warrior (Dub)
Chris INP - Star Children (Dub)
Chris INP - Free Pass (Dub)
Justice - Aquisse (Chris Inperspective RMX) (MJAZZ)


Muted - Skylark
Justice - Aquisse (Muted Remix) (MJAZZ)
Muted - Classified (MJAZZ)
Muted - Pure World

Muted's 140 point of view:

Muted - Quiet Place
Muted - Parasites
Muted - Her Smile
Muted - Himalaya


Justice - Aquisse (Clip)
Momentum - Sketch
Justice - Aquisse (Metro's Simples Remix) (MJAZZ)
Justice - Aquisse (Control Remote Edits)
Justice + Neil Trix - Aquisse 06 (MJAZZ)
Justice - Aquisse (Original)


Detroit house set dedicated to Aaron Carl. R.I.P Aaron Carl.

Carl Craig - Think Twice
Roska - I Need Love
Jose James - Desire (Moodymann remix)
Windimoto f. Victor St. Claire - Dont Let Me Leave Alone (Pirahnahead rmx)
Aaron Carl f. Timothy Gay - Miracles
Jason Hodges - Summer Breeze
Jazztronik - Samurai
Aaron Carl - Sky (Terrence Parker's Caught Up in the Sky Remix)
Justice - Aquisse (Sinistarr Remix)

MPOD 014 // JUSTICE 45's only summer special

Inspired by a recent set he played at a party consisting of just 7 inches,
Justice once again rifles through his 45's to bring you an MPOD summer
special. File under funk/soul/hip hop and all that jazz.



Who said the number 13 was unlucky.....? MPOD 013 finds long time
Justice sparring partner and ex Lutonian Gappa G at the controls. This
mans mixing and selection has always been second to none, so settle
back relax and check out some minimal soul.


Sunshine - Through Rainy Clouds
Ellano - Reflections (dub)
Dominic Ridgway - Meditation [Elevan8 rmx] (dub)
Ultracode - Last Drops
DBR uk ft Jet - In our Thoughts (dub)
Genotype - A True Groove (Dub Kraft)
Sovex - Horizons (EXT vip dub)
Sabre - One Hundred Teeth [Omnius rmx]
Nuage - Inner Space (Dub Kraft)
Koto + Terry Artovsky - Deserted Dreams (Dub Kraft)
Dominic Ridgway - We are the People of the Revolution (Dub Kraft)
Material + Blue Motion - Coldwave (Dub Kraft)
Abstract Elementz - Wrong
Muted - Nighthawk (dub)
Kantyze - Minimized [Dominic Ridgway - Microsized rmx] (dub)
Lo Tek - Desolate (Dub Kraft)
Linden - Tradition (dub)
Justice + Metro - Human Thinking [Dominic Ridgeway rmx] (MJAZZ dub)
Integration Now - Saltworkers Song [D Ridgway rmx] (Extent vip dub)
Loxy + Genotype - Cold Snaps (Dub Kraft)
Muted - Illusions (dub)
Dominic Ridgway - Ketamine (Silk dub)
Paul D - Path of Destiny (dub)
Madrabbit - Down by the Riverside (Broken Audio)



MPOD 012 is delivered by the legendary DJ Krazy. This guy is one of
Scandinavia's leading drum and bass lights, he has been spinning for
years and is widely acclaimed for his stunning productions alongside Seba.


Justice + Metro - Human Thinking
Deep Blue - Open Love
Justice + Metro - Playloop
dBridge - Inner Disbelief
Gookey - Magnetosphere
Future Enginneers - Bionix [Electrosoul System Mix]
Squash + Brother - Brain Train
Felix K - Titan
Mjazzy - Xingy
Mandalay - This Life [Boymerang Mix]
Justice + Neil Trix - Aquisse 06
Tidal - Vortex
Bal - The Trendy Tune
ICR - Identity Fragment


Everyday junglist ,the finest d and b blog in our opinion, head honcho Fonik
steps up for MPOD 011 and brings a dazzling array of aural treats for your
listening pleasure. This guy don't do too many mixes, so we at MJAZZ and
you guys should get down and be thankful........


Es.tereo - Submarine
June Miller - Nine
Triad - Distraction
Subterra + Dekko - Bonsai Run
Phobia + Jubei - Guillotine [Breakage's Joseph Ignace Remix]
Eleven8 - Twist
Data, DJ E + Dynamic - Chiba City Blues
Sabre - A Wandering Journal [Rockwell's Club Mix]
Data - Kyushojitsu
Anile - Induction
Code 3 - Response Call
DiamonD EyE - Mind Film
Electrosoul System - Whale Dance
Polar - High Volatge [Seba Remix]
Phat Playaz - Personal
Nether - Beating Me
Mikal - The Mission
Eleven8 - At The Seams
Blu Mar Ten - She Moves Through [ASC Remix]



MPOD 839 - A special edition MPOD to tie in with the launch/release of
the Justice//Metro 839 LP. Featuring tracks from the forthcoming LP and
also brand new works from collaborators Muted, Momentum and
DiamonD EyE.


Intro/Litestar Reprise - Justice//Metro
Human Thinking (Deep In Thought Mix) - Justice//Metro
Hybrid Morph - Justice//Metro
Jim Cunningham - Justice//Metro
Defrag (839 Edit) - Justice//Momentum

Diamond Eye's Chapter
839 - Justice//Metro
Sand Delay (DiamonD Eye Remix) - Justice//Metro
Aquisse (DiamonD Eye Remix) - Justice
Bassoon - Justice//DiamonD EyE//Lonnie Bowes

Muted's Chapter
Aquisse (Muted Remix) - Justice
Empty Valley - Muted
Nausea - Muted
Stratocumulus - Muted
Litestar - Justice//Metro//Muted

Momentum's Chapter
718 - Momentum
Touch Feel - Justice//Metro//Momentum
Lineage - Momentum
Clime & Time - Momentum

Blank - Justice//Metro
& Found- Justice//Metro
Ricochet- Justice//Metro
Playloop- Justice//Metro
Solomon- Justice//Metro

Izmir - Justice//Metro
Sand Delay - Justice//Metro
Igloo - Justice//Metro
Knuckles - Justice//Metro
Outro Below (Segment) - Justice//Metro


MPOD 010 // REGIS (Guest Mix Part 2)

Part 2 of the special guest mix from Regis, MPOD 010 Touching down with
another faultless mix of some of the best Dubstep/Techno tracks around
with some serious remixes new and old to boot.


Acid Bells - Efdemin (Martyn mix)
Qawwali - Pinch
The Shrew - Joy Orbison
Phonebox - Sully
So Derobe - Joy Orbison
Sunset Yellow - Pangaea
Epiletic - Shut Up and Dance (Martyn mix)
Rut - Joe
Router - Pangaea
Tripped - Sbtrkt (Synkro mix)
Inner City Life - Goldie (Sbtrk edit)
Woppa - Bassbin Twins
Paradise Circus -  Massive Attack (Breakage mix)
Moments in Love - Art of Noise (Caspa edit)
Out of the Storm - Incognito (Carl Craig mix)

MPOD 009 // REGIS (Guest Mix Part 1)

Brighton based and Luton born Regis provides this special guest mix for
MPOD 009. Kicking off 2010 with a sweet selection of Dubstep/Techno cuts
and a dash of old school classics for good measure. Part 2 coming soon....


Blackmagic - Jose James (Joy Orbison Rmx)
Forbidden - Instra:mental
Dont Know Dont Care - Untold
Negative - Scuba
90729 - Spatial
Tell Me - Synkro
Hemisphere - Reso
Yes/No - 2562
Electric Purring - Martyn
Original Tearout - Cluekid
Burning Up - Skream
A Few Dollars More - Project One
Yo Voy - Novaima (Seiji Rmx)
Virtual - Blackdog



MPOD 008 comes courtesy of Diamond EyE........ This man is gonna be
all over 2010 so watch out for him....... An LP in the pipeline with Chris INP
a collab with Justice and some MJAZZ related product under his belt already,
its going to be a diamond year for the fella from North London.


DiamonD EyE - Take it Back (Unsigned)
DiamonD EyE - There and Back (Unsigned)
Justice - Aquisse (DiamonD EyE Remix) (Modern Urban Jazz DUB)
DiamonD EyE - Creepah (Unsigned)
DiamonD EyE - Orbit (Unsigned)
DiamonD EyE - Genetic Opera (Unsigned)
DiamonD EyE - Version (Unsigned)
DiamonD EyE - Descriptive (Unsigned)
Chris Inperspective + DiamonD EyE - People and Creatures (Inperspective)
Chris Inperspective - Serial Thyme (Dub Mix) (DUB)
Chris Inperspective + DiamonD EyE - Bulla Smash (Inperspective)
DiamonD EyE - Cut Out (DUB)
DiamonD EyE - Pixelated (DUB)
DiamonD EyE - Quiet Moment (DUB)
DiamonD EyE - Too Young (DUB)
DiamonD EyE - Semi Sphere (DUB)
DiamonD EyE - Elements (DUB)



MJAZZ stalwart and sometime Justice collaborator INVINCIBLE presents
MPOD 007. Bringing light and shade, he swings between smooth, soulful
vocal sounds, incorporating the vocal talents of Golden and some darker,
rougher offerings.


Invincible – Destiny (Stringstramental Mix) - (Dub)
Invincible + Jr Dubz feat Golden – Lovin’ U (Invincible DnB Mix) - (Dub)
Invincible – A New Dawn - (Dub)
Invincible + D’Zine – Soul Searching - (Dub)
Invincible + D’Zine feat Golden – Treading Water - (Dub)
Justice + Invincible feat Golden – An Axe To Grind (Vocal Mix) – (MJAZZ)
Justice + Invincible – Forever – (MJAZZ)
Invincible – The Sands Of Time - (Dub)
Justice + Invincible feat Golden – Future Sound – (MJAZZ)
Invincible – The Dune Sea - (Dub)
Invincible – Theia - (Dub)
Justice + Invincible – Unique (Invincible Remix) - (Dub)
Invincible – Deep Cover - (Dub)
Invincible – Menace - (Dub)
Invincible – Simple - (Dub)
Invincible + D’Zine – Unwanted Attention - (Dub)


Label boss Justice delves into an eclectic box of beats, bleeps and breaks
and unearths some hidden gems from the past, present and future.
Dubstep/Breakbeat/D'n'B/Techno - Intro/Outro/Skits call it what you will this
is one not to be missed.


Bowes/Smith/Whitley Streiber - Object Intro
Justice + Momentum - Stagger
Muted - Passing By
Control Remote - Electric Brain
Creep/Paranoid Society - Bantiki
The Black Dog - Virtual
Future 86 - Humanize
Sub - Aint That Funky
Sub - Glow
Control Remote - Submerged
Spectrasoul (Ramadanman Rmx) - Organiser
Justice + Metro - Below
Justice + Metro - Igloo
Justice + Metro - Knuckles
Justice + Metro - Sanur (segment)
Justice + Muted - Litestar
Justice - Aquisse (Muted Rmx)
Steel - No Escape
Steel - Taped Over
Justice + Metro - & Found


MJAZZ artist Metro, conjures up an off the cuff mix of digital treats after
years in the dj-ing wilderness... bringing together some of his favourite
sparsed out beats from around the world and blending it with some good
honest drum and bass.


Polar - High Voltage
Sinistarr - Park Avenue
Sinistarr - I'm Not Done
Ultracode - Flashback
Metro + Justice - Human Thinking
Circa - Future Funk
Muted - Stratocumulus
Alley Cat - Drum & Lace
June Miller + Rolling Mafia - Shimizu
Sub - Major add 13
Chris Inperspective - Enter C
Justice - Airsign (Survival rmx)
Dominic Ridgway - Fallen City
Metro + Justice - Sanur


Inperspective records label boss, MJAZZ affiliate and all round South
London geezer, Chris Inp gathers up all his freshest, latest dubs and lays
them down for MPOD 004. So look forward to deep sounds, bass a plenty,
rolling breaks, twisted vocals and ambient textures as only he can deliver.


Chris Inperspective - Alfas Weekend
Chris Inperspective - Getting There
Chris Inperspective - Thursh and Grump
Chris Inperspective - Just Being
Chris Inperspective - Back from P
Chris Inperspective - Rather Be
Chris Inperspective - Why Does it make U
Chris Inperspective - Caricou
Chris Inperspective - Elite
Chris Inperspective - Fires
Chris Inperspective - Pandaling Hands
Chris Inp + Diamond Eye - Realms of Bias
Chris Inp + Diamond Eye - Ten



Detroit's favourite drum and bass son, Sinistarr, shows up with a bag of
tunes and brings MPOD 003. Really this man needs no introduction and
has been ploughing his own furrow, with productions on MJAZZ, Hospital,
Creative Source, Influence and Peer Pressure to name but a mere few.
Sit back, enjoy and let the motor city vibe wash over you.


June Miller - Convergence (Horizons)
SpectraSoul - Captive (Deep Soul Music)
Tokyo Prose - Retake (Samurai)
Cloak + Dagger - Fuseg (Dub)
Justice + Chris Inperspective - Cryptic Lamb (MJAZZ)
Bal - Untitled (Dub)
Paranoid Society - Reversed Water Streams (MJAZZ)
Jeff Risk - Burner 3 (Dub)
Dan Habarnam - Zoom Back Camera (Santorin)
Glen E Ston - Lost Love (MJAZZ)
Senses - All Over (Subtle Audio)
Alaska + Seba - Back From Eternity (Arctic Music)
Data - Vice (Horizons)
Kiat + Ash - Where Am I (Dub)
Sileni - Black Rocket (Offshore)
Instra:Mental - No Future (NonPlus+)
Instra:Mental - The Dead Zone (Darkestral)
Gremlinz - Weird (Dub)
Blocks + Escher - Heartshaped (Horizons)
Blu Mar Ten - Infected (Deep Structure)




Estonian's in exile, Paranoid Society, step forward with MPOD 002.
The four man creative team are currently holed up in a studio in Liepzig,
Germany, having teamed up with LXC and sH1 and the Alphacut label.
They have released via MJAZZ Digital, Syncopathic and recently on the
aforementioned Alphacut records, with their back to 96 homage
"Hi resolution". They continue to be a firm favourite within the MJAZZ
camp and will feature in the not too distant future on Constructed Works.


Untitled 12
Boxotron (forthcoming Constructed Works MJAZZ)
Untitled CC2
Sensor Spectrum (Syncopathic Records)
Neu 2
Here have the galaxy

All tracks are Paranoid Society




Iceland's most promising new D&B face, Muted, steps forward to
bring the first in a series of MPOD's. Considering this guy only started
putting tunes together in January, his progress has been amazing.
He is crafting minimal masterpieces and evoking subtle emotions.
Muted features on the next installment of the constructed Works series
and has an impending digital EP release on MJAZZ digital, celebrating
all that is minimal.


Muted - Reflections On Happiness (Dub)
Muted - Wastelands (Dub)
Muted - Stratocumulus (MJAZZ Dub)
Muted - Centaurs 7 (Dub)
Justice - Aquisse (Muted Remix) (MJAZZ Dub)
Muted - Full Moon (Dub)
Muted - Rain Forest (Dub)
Muted - Forest Whitaker (Dub)
Muted + Grimm - Rebirth (Dub)
Glen E Ston + Muted - Fractured (MJAZZ Dub)
Muted - Two Birds In A Tree (Dub)
Muted - Space Jam (Dub)
Muted - The Beach (Influenza Media)
Muted - Icelandic Pride (Dub)
Muted - Electric Things (Amen Brothers Dub)
Muted - Near Death Experience (Dub)
Muted - Dungeon (Amen Brothers Dub)
Muted - Irrelevant (Dub)
Muted - Elektron (Dub)
Muted - Hidden People (Dub)


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